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Squirrel Coffee Mug for the Squirrel Lover. This coffee mug makes a great gift to yourself or someone else who is a lover of squirrels. Nature scene of squirrel in snow on the sides of this mug.

Coffee Cup with Squirrel in Snow
Squirrel Coffee Mug

Squirrel Mug


Squirrel Mug with Mom and Baby Squirrel in a tree. Coffee Mug with Mom and Baby Squirrel.  Enjoy your morning coffee while viewing this precious nature scene of a squirrel family in a tree. Squirrel Mug Gift for the Nature Lover.

Coffee Cup with Momma and Baby Squirrel
Squirrel Coffee Mug

Mug with Squirrel


Squirrel Mugs for the Nature Lover - Nice Squirrel Lover Gift Mugs


If you love squirrels and you can't always be where you can see them, then get a squirrel mug with a nature image of squirrels so you can enjoy looking at them while you sip your morning coffee from a mug with squirrel images on the sides. One mug shows a squirrel eating a nut that it has found in the snow. Squirrels can find food buried beneath a foot of snow. The other squirrel mug shows a momma and baby squirrel in a tree. Squirrels are cute and so much fun to watch as they play around a tree trunk or as they are burying their food supply at times in the yard. Some people don't like squirrels because they eat the food from the bird feeders. But, you know, they are God's creatures also and they need to eat as well. Maybe provide a food source on the ground that the squirrels can partake of and then they will leave the bird feeders alone.



Even though squirrels are not in to drinking coffee with you, they do like foods such as acorns, walnuts, hickory nuts and Osage Orange fruits. They may also forage and eat roots, leaves, grass and anything else they can find that has sufficient nutritional value to them. I feed the squirrels around my house shelled and unshelled peanuts and sunflower seeds. You may choose to feed them almonds or whole roasted pumpkin seeds. I tend to put out food for them more in the winter and less during the spring, summer and fall when nature naturally provides more food for them.



Another thing that I have found that squirrels need at times is water. During the year when we have little rain, I put out bowls of water for the squirrels and larger pans of water for the deer. i have neighbors with ponds, but they do dry up during a drought and that is when I put out water for all of the critters to take advantage of.



Having a squirrel mug is a constant reminder to remember to feed and water the animals as needed. The nature images on my coffee mugs are also a relaxing way to start my day.



Nature mugs with squirrels are great gifts for your family or friends that are squirrel enthusiasts. They can enjoy a relaxing nature scene as they drink their coffee, hot chocolate or tea. They may also just like having the mug sit on their desk so they can view a loveable squirrel all throughout the day.


Maybe your friends are more into other nature scenes, like roses, deer, sunrises, sunsets, butterflies, etc. then gift them a coffee mug with a scene that they love most. Find some here at Nature Mugs for all.



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Squirrel Facts...

June 8, 2023 - Squirrels are adorable and a lot of fun to watch as they go about their day. They actually have their own appreciation day. National Squirrel Appreciation Day is January 21st. Humans actually introduced squirrels to our city parks in the 1850s and '60s and people were encouraged to feed the squirrels as an act of kindness. It was believed that adding squirrels to the parks would bring pleasure to the people who couldn't leave the cities and enjoy nature. Today you can find some joy of nature by enjoying nature images on mugs, pictures, plaques, etc.


1. Squirrel's Teeth Never Quit Growing


They must keep gnawing to keep their teeth at the right length.


2. A Squirrel Can Find Food Buried Beneath A Foot of Snow


They can smell the food underneath the snow and then dig a hole under the snow following the scent to the buried treasure.


3. Squirrels Zigzag to Escape Predators

Squirrels run away in a zigzag pattern when they feel threatened by hawks or other predators. Unfortunately it doesn't work so well for vehicals, so slow down and give the squirrel a chance to cross. It may be some baby's mother. Squirrels may also take cover when threatened; like in a hole in a log.


4. To Throw Off Potential Thieves Squirrels May Pretend To Bury A Nut


Squirrels have been observed digging a hole and then covering it up quickly without depositing their food into the hole. This is done to throw off potential thieves.


5. A Newborn Squirrel Is Only About An Inch Long


Typically squirrels have between two to four babies, but can have up to eight. They weigh about one ounce and are born completely naked, deaf and blind. Soft fur will begin to form around the mouth and nose at around five days old. Squirrels that are 8 or 9 weeks old are big enough to survive on their own without their mothers.




Squirrel Mug - Coffee Mug with Baby Squirrel being hand fed. Squirrel mugs give you an opportunity to view nature's animals while sipping your morning coffee. Relax with your morning coffee while viewing this baby squirrel being fed by a loving human hand.

Baby Squirrel on Coffee Mug
Feed Me Please Squirrel Mug

Squirrel Mugs Coffee




When you need a break from the stresses of life relax with your squirrel mug that has an image of a loving baby squirrel being carried for by some human hand. Picture the baby squirrel growing into adulthood and playing around some tree in your yard or area. It only takes eight or nine weeks for a squirrel to be out and about on its own. Then you might also find it relaxing to venture outside and strow some acorns or peanuts as food for the squirrels around you. You can always find some relaxing time viewing your baby squirrel on the side of your mug while you drink your morning coffee or afternoon tea.



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Comment Highlights ...


Squirrel  • Adelle B.


"I love feeding the squirrels and watching them play
around the trees in my yard. These squirrel mugs

depict real life squirrel scenes found in nature."


Squirrel Mug with Baby Squirrel


Grey Squirrel  • Jeffery W.


"These squirrel mugs are great to enjoy when you can't get
outside a lot during the day to view the squirrels in the trees.

Squirrel mugs make great gifts for us squirrel lovers any time of the year."


Coffee Mug with Squirrel in the Snow


Cute Squirrel  • Christy L.


"I love squirrel mugs with pictures of real life
outdoor squirrel activies, like found on these mugs.

If you are a squirrel lover you will love these mugs."


Coffee Cup with Momma Squirrel