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Butterfly Mugs for Teacher Gift or just the Nature Lover. This coffee mug makes a great gift to yourself or someone else who is a lover of butterflies. Since butterflies only live a few weeks so you need to get this butterfly mug so you can cherish their beauty for years to come.

Coffee Cup with Beautiful Butterfly
Yellow Butterfly in Nature on Mug

Coffee Drinker Mugs with Butterflies


Butterfly Coffee Mug with a butterfly that has beautiful purple spots. Mugs for our teacher or just the nature lover with uniquely colored butterfly.  Enjoy your morning coffee while viewing this precious nature scene of a butterfly with purple spots. Butterfly Mug Gift for the Nature Lover.

Coffee Mug with Butterfly
with Purple Spots on It's Wings

Butterfly Mug for Coffee Drinkers


Butterfly Mugs for the Nature Lover - Nice Butterfly Lover Gifts


If you love catching site of a butterfly in your yard, then get a butterfly mug with an image of a butterfly flitting around in nature. One mug shows a butterfly checking out some flowers. You may not know it, but butterflies use their feet to taste.. The other butterfly mug shows a gray shaded butterfly with blue spots at the base of its wings. When gardens start to bloom, then butterflies show up. The ones shown on these mugs are some of the showiest so you can enjoy their beauty all year long. Adult butterflies live for about a month. So, enjoy them in your garden in the summer and the rest of the year enjoy them on your butterfly mug.


There are about 24,000 species of butterflies and they range in size from 1/8 inch all the way up to 12 inches. Butterflies have a liquid diet - butterflies drink nectar or some other form of liquid substance. There source of food is exclusively liquid. If you want to provide food for your butterflies then plant milkweed, zinnas and marigolds. If you don't want to plant flowers but would still like to feed butterflies, then purchase some canned fruit nectar and pour some into a bottle cap or saturate a tissue and set it out onto a butterfly feeder or a porch rail. If you don't have fruit nectar then you can use sugar water. Disolve 1 part white can table sugar with 4 parts water, letting the sugar desolve completely.


The best way to feed your butterflies is to purchase or make some type of butterfly feeder. You can set a shallow plastic plate with food on a base in your garden area. Water is also essential to butterflies. It can be offered in ponds, birdbaths, fountains or misters.


Having a butterfly mug can be a constant reminder to take a break and visit your outdoor area or garden. The nature images on your coffee mugs are also a relaxing way to start your day. If you are feeding your butterflies, your mug with the butterfly image will serve as a good reminder to do that task.


Maybe you or your friends are more into other nature scenes, like roses, deer, sunrises, sunsets, squirrels, etc. then gift them a coffee mug with a scene that they love most. Find some here at Nature Mugs for all.

Nature mugs with butterflies are great gifts for your family or friends that are butterfly enthusiasts. They can enjoy a relaxing nature scene as they drink their coffee, hot chocolate or tea from their butteryfly mug.. They may also just like having the mug sit on their desk so they can view a beautiful butterfly all throughout the day and allow others to enjoy the scene as well.




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Butterfly Facts to Enjoy While Drinking From Your Mug...

February 17, 2024 - Butterflies are beautiful and so relaxing to sit and watch when in your garden. Today you can find some joy of nature, even if you can't visit parks or rural areas, by enjoying nature images, like butterflies, on mugs, pictures, plaques, etc.


1. Butterfly Environment Temperature


Butterfles cannot fly if their body temperature is less than 86 degrees..


2. Butterflies Taste With Their Feet


Many butterflies can taste with their feet in order to decide if the leaf they sit on will be good to lay eggs on and will provide food for their newborn caterpillar.


3. Exoskeleton

Butterflies and insects have their skeletons on the outside of their body, called exoskeleton. This protects them and keeps water inside their bodies so they don't dry out.


4. Butterfly's Vision


Butterflies can see red, green and yellow colors.


5. Pollinate Cotton Harvest


Butterflies pollinate cotton flowers, a part of the plant that bees naturally do not frequent, thus boosting cotton harvest.




Butterfly Mug - Coffee Mug with speckled wood butterfly. This mug will give you feeling of relaxation when drinking your morning coffee and viewing this beautiful gift of nature.

Speckled Wood Butterfly on Mug
Nature Butterfly Coffee Cups

Speckled Wood Butterfly Mug




When you need a break from the daily grind relax with your butterfly mug that has an image of a uniquely colored speckled wood butterfly. Picture this butterfly gracefully landing on the flowers in your yard or garden. The average lifespan of a butterfly is two to four weeks, but the lifespan of the one on your coffee mug is a lot longer. The speckled wood butterfly spends its time basking in sun-dappled woodland and fiercely patroling its patch. They can be spotted usually between April and September. Even though you may not live in an area that is a habitat for this type of butterfly, you can always find some relaxing time viewing this beautiful brown / cream colored butterfly on the side of your mug while you drink your morning coffee or afternoon tea.



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